Psychotherapy isn't a twentieth-century artifice imposed on nature, but the reinstatement of a natural healing process. - Patricia Love


Areas of Focus: Anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental health challenge, and it’s natural for many people to experience some level of worry, stress, or fear throughout the day. 

However, for some of us it affects us in ways that can be debilitating. Anxiety can take many forms including panic attacks, obsessive thinking, compulsive behavior, phobias, excessive worry, difficulties in social situations and difficulties following traumatic events. 

When these feelings become overwhelming or interfere with daily life I can help you the origin of triggers and develop coping skills. The goal is for anxious feelings to become less intense and less frequent, allowing you to lead a more fulfilling, balanced and peaceful life.

As Part of Anxiety Therapy,
You Will Learn To:

Identify your triggers and learn how to cope with them when they areise

Find ways to move through the physical symptoms of anxiety

Apply strategies for minimizing stress and anxiety

Prevent anxiety from escalating into panic

Focus on the present moment and take decisive action

Make changes in your life and set boundaries 

Symptoms of Anxiety




lack of concentration




excessive worry


feeling of impending doom


racing thoughts

intrusive thoughts


heart palpitations



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